Advertising By Design requires all art to follow the below requirements:

Art Submission: Art can be submitted to Advertising By Design, LLC any one of four ways; CD, DVD, FTP, or Email. Please note that art larger than 5mb should not be emailed. Scanning of photos and transparencies is also available.

Advertising By Design FTP Site Access Information (case sensitive):
Host Name/Address: ftp.advertisingbydesign.net
UserID: Contact us at admin@advertisingbydesign.net
Password: Contact us at admin@advertisingbydesign.net
Place files on FTP site and notify salesperson of file/folder name

Accepted File Formats: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe Acrobat

File Requirements: Art for screen printing and digital printing must be a minimum of 150 ppi at 100% with a minimum of .25" of bleed on all sides. Art of offset printing must be 300 ppi at 100% with a minimum of .125" of bleed on all sides.

Please supply all linked files and fonts. Fonts can be converted to outlines but this will eliminate Advertising By Design's ability to edit your type, should the need arise.

Art for pieces that are hemmed, sewn or get grommets need 2.5" of dead space on the sides and 1.5" of dead space top and bottom to be sure that no copy or logos are sewn through.

Any further questions regarding prepress can be answered by your salesperson. Contact us at: 330-674-3700. Fax: 330-674-3706.

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